Omg guys, it’s been days! Hi! Sorry I haven’t uploaded much— I’ve been writing mostly, designing, and working at my new(?) job a lot. I might end up working a lot for the next week or so, but by Aug 3rd I should be free! SO EXPECT A CRAP TON OF ART.

I tweet a lot more than I post art too, so feel free to hit me up on Twitter.

Last one I’m doing of my own characters, I am getting a little burnt out. haha

The middle one, which to some of you know, J4-SPR (Jasper)’s colour scheme was used for a palette request— but I had started this before working on that. Heh. This will probably be the last ones I work on for my own OCs, even tho I still have plenty more to do.

weslybarton asked:

Alright, I officially looked over the pallet list. Challenge: WW1 trench warfare using #14 or biplane dogfight using #34

I don’t know a whole lot about WW1 but I have draw biplanes before! ;D I really loved the colour palette you chose for this! Thank you for the request!

shabellocreative asked:


DAPPER DIPPER! One time I drew a moustache, bowtie, and monocle on a Dipper sketch my friend was working on, thus Dapper Dipper was born. Now he is getting jiggy with it. Thanks for the request~

melcairorose asked:

Alrighty! I have decided! #4 for Art Persona.. (pretty sure links don't work on the asks but it's on my DA.. it's the third thing you would see.. sorry if I cause any confusion! ;u; )

z0mbeats answered:

Don’t apologize! It’s all good~ Yours was quite the worthy challenge, the colours we’re more similar to each other, which is more challenging than one would think. I hope you like it~

WERPS— I guess I posted this to the wrong blog.

OKAY SO— I got a lot of more palette requests than I imagined, which is great! I love hearing from you guys and getting requests. 8D

Just wanted to say “thank you~” to all those who sent me asks— and since I have quite the queue, I want to close the requests for now. I do want to do some other art beyond the palettes. ;D

To those who sent asks, expect yours soonish! And to other followers, expect more art~ : D